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Leonard Handler

Leonard HandlerLeonard Handler
Director of the Psychological Clinic
Ph.D., Michigan State University (1964)

Phone: (865) 974-3358

Key words: Personality assessment, testing, object relations, psychodynamic psychotherapy, marital therapy.

Research Interests

Personality assessment, psychodynamic psychotherapy, marital therapy, play therapy, neuropsychology, hypnosis.

Research statement

My research includes the use and development of personality assessment instruments to assess personality and to link assessment to psychotherapy process and outcome; the assessment of object relations and the therapist-patient relationship; play therapy with children; marital therapy; neuropsychology; construction of object relations test instruments.

  • Walter Klopfer Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Literature in Personality Assessment (1997)
  • UTK Chancellor's Senior Research and Creative Achievement Award (1999)
  • Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment, APA (2000-2002)
  • Fellow, Society for Personality Assessment
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Personality Assessment
  • President, Society for Personality Assessment
  • Society for Personality Assessment (1994-1998)

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