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Ph.D. Program - Counseling Psychology

Preparation and Admission

The UT Counseling Psychology program is designed to train doctoral level psychologists in the skills of research, practice, and advocacy. Note that the program requires students to enroll full time and stay in residence for the first three years of their training. The Ph.D. that graduates receive allows them to apply for licensure as a psychologist in all 50 states. Graduates are trained as highly skilled behavioral scientists, and thus are well qualified to serve in research roles, as faculty members, staff psychologists in university counseling centers, VA or military psychologists, consultants to business and industry, psychologists in private practice, and in a wide variety of other professional roles.

We welcome applications from undergraduate students with a strong background in psychology (although they need not be psychology majors), from graduate students who have earned a Masters in counseling or a related field, and from persons who have been working in a helping profession for some time after earning their degree. We are especially pleased to receive applications from U.S. ethnic minority students, from international students, and from any person who brings cultural diversity to our program. Since 2004, over one third of the students admitted have been U.S. ethnic minority or international students. Many others also bring a diversity of cultural and life experience that enriches the training of each entering cohort of students.
If you have already decided to apply, you will find detailed instructions and application materials by clicking here. Please note that applications to the counseling psychology program are due no later than close of business on December 1. Students who apply should be interested in earning a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Note that we do not accept applications for a terminal Masters degree.

To find out more about the field of Counseling Psychology, and whether your interests and values might be a good match for our training program, we have created a sequence of self-guided questions to consider with associated detailed information. If you take the time to consider this material, we are confident you will come away with a much clearer sense of whether a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at UT is the best choice for you.

We frequently ask our current students about their Top Reasons to Apply to the UT Counseling Psychology program. We also have a list of answers to frequently asked questions about Counseling Psychology and our program.

To get an even more detailed picture of the program, we invite you to browse through this link to see all the materials used by current students.

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