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Psychology in the News

A recent Psychological Bulletin publication authored by UT social psychology doctoral student Nicholas Coles, Jeff Larsen, and their colleague at Texas A&M, Heather Lench, has made a splash in the media. Their paper showed that facial expressions impact peoples’ feelings and has been reported by numerous media outlets in the US and internationally.

Below are a sampling of the articles:
US News & World Report
Huffington Post UK: Smiling Really Can Make You Feel Happier, Says (Some of) the Science (also ran on Yahoo! News UK)
UK Daily Mail: Smiling Really Does Make You Happier
The Independent: Smiling Has a Direct Positive Impact on Your Mood, Scientists Say
WebMD: Science Says: Smiling Helps You Get Happy
News Medical: Smiling Is The Secret to Happiness, According to Experts Science Says: Smiling Does Bring a Mood Boost
Futurity: To Change How You Feel, Put on a Smile
The Sun: Smiling Really Can Make You Feel Happier
Yahoo! US: Smiling Has A Direct Positive Impact on Your Mood, Scientists Say
StudyFinds: The Key to Happiness? Just Smile, Study Suggests
ABC13: Smiling Can Make People Happier: Psychologists
Science Alert: Turns Out This Age-Old Tip for Making Yourself Happier Actually Works
Metro: There's A Really Simple Way to Make Yourself Feel A Little Bit Happier, Scientists Reveal
Fox 17: UT Researcher Finds Smiling Can Affect Emotions Smiling Really Can Make You Feel Happier
Mind Body Green: Here's a 10-Second Way to Boost Your Mood
MSN: Expressing Happiness Can Help You Feel More Positive
London Economic: Smiling Really Can Help People Feel Happier

Congratulations Nick and Jeff!

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