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Buss Receives New Schools Ventures Grant

Buss Receives New Schools Ventures Grant

Aaron Buss received a national research grant funded by the New Schools Venture Fund with Richard Prather from the University of Maryland titled “Accurate, precise and useful models of the state learner.”  The UT subcontract for 2020-21 is $57,000 for direct expenses.

Project Summary

How can we characterize the state of the learner in a way that is accurate, precise, and useful for math educators? Our team aims to create sophisticated models that predict areas of productive struggle on relevant math tasks, where student work may lead to improved concept knowledge. We propose to leverage modeling approaches from interdisciplinary studies of complex systems ranging from classrooms to neurological processes involved in cognition. We will integrate these computational modeling tools along with cognitive science and educational psychology principles relevant to executive functioning and math learning. We will develop the model by testing predictions in lab-based and classroom settings. Once developed, these models will identify a wide range of individual differences in the classroom and enable enhanced personalization of learning opportunities. Our team will take a holistic approach by modeling internal cognitive processes, affective processes, and the learner’s external environment.

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