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Research: Social Psychology

Faculty members of the social psychology area manage ongoing research programs geared toward improving our understanding of a wide range of psychological issues, from basic processes that govern how we perceive, make sense of, and relate to the world to pressing social problems.

At the basic level, we study cognitive, emotional, and motivational phenomena such as the formation of beliefs, attitudes, memories, personality, and the unconscious. At the interpersonal level, we study the self and its relationship to others, romantic relationships, and interracial interactions. At the group level, we study the emergence of culture, intragroup harmony, aggression, social inequities, intergroup conflict, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Commensurate with the diversity of our interests, we utilize an array of research methods, including experimental, longitudinal, observational, physiological, and qualitative techniques.

We encourage you to peruse the faculty pages to obtain more detailed information about who we are and what we do. And feel free to contact any of us with questions about research or graduate training.

Our Social Behavior Research Group meets weekly during the academic year as a forum for students and faculty.

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