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Welcome to Psychology!

The Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, offers two undergraduate degree paths: a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. Both curricula ensure exposure to the breadth of experimental and applied psychology, while also allowing flexibility in choosing courses that fit students’ unique interests. In addition to standard coursework, students may also earn credit toward the degree from hands-on experience doing research with faculty members or volunteering in local community agencies.

Why should you consider a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology?

Psychology is one of the most popular majors, both at UTK and nationally. Why? Because psychology is:

  • Fascinating – psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. What could be more interesting than understanding aggression, prejudice, attraction, memory, diversity, learning, development, motivation, emotion, mental illness, personality, and so on?
  • Relevant – because psychology covers the breadth and diversity of behavior and experience, you are certain to learn things you can apply to yourself, your relationships, and your work.
  • Useful – this psychological knowledge, combined with the skills you obtain in scientific inquiry and critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication make the psychology major one of the most versatile.
    • With a BA in psychology, you can enter careers in education, law enforcement, public relations, advertising, human services, research, and many more.
    • Students with a BA in psychology also go on to medical school, law school, or graduate school in psychology, counseling, education, or social work.
    • The University of Tennessee Center for Career Development provides links to several web pages which discuss career options for psychology majors who are interested in a career in psychology or a related field.
    • For a more information, you can also visit the American Psychological Association and Association for Psychological Science. If you are interested in graduate school, the UTK Psi Chi website also has links to helpful resources.

Why should you consider a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience? 

The University of Tennessee Interdisciplinary Program for Neuroscience brings together Neuroscience research and education from all corners of the campus. It includes faculty from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine; the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology; and the Graduate School of Medicine/UT Medical Center. This diversity of backgrounds and research perspectives within the program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Neuroscience itself.  To learn more about the resources, research capabilities, and clinical expertise available in the area, please visit the NeuroNET (Neuroscience Network of East Tennessee) website.

Building on the existing curricula in biology, psychology and engineering, this program provides a strong foundation in the neurosciences that emphasizes hands-on research training.  Beyond the core classes, students can choose from a diverse array of more specialized courses that focus on a variety of basic, clinical and applied Neuroscience topics.   Thus, students have the opportunity to tailor their Neuroscience degree to best suit their career goals, whether they include entering a graduate program or a health profession degree program, or getting a job in teaching or working in a research setting.

For More Information

The Psychology Department Undergraduate Office is a centralized source of assistance for Psychology and Neuroscience majors.  Our office is located in Austin Peay 307 and includes our administrative support professional, Sandy Thomas (AP 307A), who is the point person for registration issues (adds/drops) and most other paperwork related to the major.  

For questions about the psychology or neuroscience curriculum, as well as planning for internships, study abroad, or laboratory credit, visit our Psychology Advising Center is also located in Austin Peay 307.  Log into Vol Academic Connect via MyUTK to schedule an appointment with a departmental advisor or email the center at

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